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Tempo Rubato, 2024

VR Game, sofa

A collaboration between the CAC Brétigny and the Frac Île-de-France as part of the Vieilles coques et jeunes récifs territorial programme proposed by the Frac for the Cultural Olympiad and the “Perceptions” project led by the CAC Brétigny.

collaboration avec Nicolas Faubert and Robert Hulland

The Tempo Rubato installation by Nicolas Faubert and Mona Young-eun Kim was co-created with young people, teachers and educators from the IME Jean-Paul in Evry-Courcouronnes and the youth service in La Norville.

Two groups of young people, some visually impaired and some not, worked with the artists to translate the visual languages of the CAC Brétigny website and their everyday spaces into movement, sound and images. This interactive installation plunges us into the shared world invented from each of their singular perceptions. Guided by voices and vibrations, we travel through a space that transforms our apprehension as the tempo changes. Touchable textures, diffracted images and virtual reality are all alternatives to the dominant representations. They contradict the idea that there is only one perception of reality. This work invites us to experience other ways and rhythms of apprehending our surroundings, opened up by an understanding of disability as a source of creative potential.

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